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What is Git Branch?

Git branch comes into play when it’s a collaborative environment.  It’s common for several developers to share and work on the same code base or source code. May be some developers will be fixing bugs while others would be implementing new features. So, there should be a manageable way to maintain different version of the same code base.  In that scenario, the branch function comes to the rescue. Branch will allows each developer to branch out from the original code base and isolate their work from others.

You can take advantage of git branch when you are working on a new features of fixing a bug since it helps you to isolate your works from that of other team members.

To create a branch in git, what you need to do is write the following command in your git bash when you are located on any branch on that git bash you wants to create a extending branch from your current working branch.

 $ git branch <new_branch_name>

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