Free Udemy Course | Fundamentals of IoT Development with ThingWorx


Free Udemy Course | Fundamentals of IoT Development with ThingWorx

This Free Udemy Course on IoT Development is a hands on guide for developing your first IoT application. This IoT Development Course will teach you to identify IoT use cases and capabilities along with connect edge devices to an IoT platform. You will build an end user web application to display IoT data and functions as well as you will know how to analyze data using simple analytics in an IoT platform.

Course Outlines:

  1. Course Overview
  2. What is the IoT?
  3. Science Fiction & IoT
  4. The Future is Now
  5. The 50 Billion Challenge
  6. ThingWorx Development Process
  7. Project-1 Overview
  8. Experience Overview
  9. Model Overview
  10. Model Exercise
  11. Applying Model to Other Scenarios
  12. Analyze Overview
  13. Analyze Exercise
  14. Applying Analyze to Other Scenarios
  15. Connect Overview
  16. Connect Exercise
  17. Applying Connect To Other Scenarios
  18. Build Overview
  19. Build Exercise
  20. Applying Build to Other Scenarios
  21. Project 2 Overview
  22. Defining the Experience Stage
  23. Two Experience User Cases
  24. The Why and How of Experience
  25. Mars Colony Use Case
  26. Anatomy of a Thing
  27. Basic Deployment Architecture
  28. Modeling for IoT Scale
  29. Adding Flexibility to an IoT System
  30. Create Base Rover Template
  31. Create Weather Rover
  32. Create Crew Rover
  33. Create Weather Stations
  34. Add Services to Crew Rover
  35. Test Crew Rover Services
  36. Applying Modeling to Other Scenarios
  37. Data in the Cloud
  38. Four Types of Data Analytics
  39. The Analytics in Our Story
  40. Analyze Wind Speed
  41. Analyze Dust Storm Threat
  42. Dispatch Crew Rover
  43. Ging Context to Our Data
  44. Applying Analytics in Other Scenarios
  45. Connectivity Intro
  46. Network Infrastructure
  47. Transport Methods
  48. The Edge of IoT
  49. Agents on the Edge
  50. ThingWorx Connectivity
  51. Getting Started with REST
  52. GET Request
  53. PUT Request
  54. POST Request
  55. Applying Connectivity in Other Situations
  56. What are applications?
  57. Data and the Data Value Ladder
  58. ThingWorx Widgets
  59. Major Mashup Components
  60. Weather Rover Widget Setup
  61. Weather Rover Widget Binding
  62. Crew Rover Widget Setup
  63. Crew Rover Widget Binding
  64. Base Overview Tab
  65. Testing The Application
  66. Applying Build to Other Scenarios
  67. Conclusion


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Hope this free course will help you to develop your career as well as yourself. Check out other Free Udemy Course and Let me know your opinion and share it with your friends. In future, i will provide review on more courses available out there. Stay connected with this blog and stay updated.

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