Free Udemy Course | Python for Beginners with Examples


Free Udemy Course | Python for Beginners with Examples

This Free Udemy Course on Python for Beginners is a practical python course for beginners with examples and exercises. In this Python For Beginners course, you will gain the skills to independently write real world non-complex programs. You will write a complete python program that takes user input, processes and outputs the results. Also you will learn how to quickly set up a python environment with its associated libraries along with create a graphical user interfaces for your python programs using the python tkinter library.

Course Outlines:

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Installing Python
  3. Variables
  4. How to save your code
  5. Strings and numbers
  6. Variables, strings and numbers
  7. If, else and indentation
  8. Functions
  9. Sequences
  10. Collections
  11. Working with sequences and strings
  12. Iterating
  13. Working with files
  14. Handling files easily
  15. Finding and using any library you want
  16. Real world example: extracting averages from data files
  17. Code introspection
  18. Real world example: generating KML files
  19. Interacting with the user
  20. Global variables
  21. Creating a GUI with tkinter
  22. Attaching the GUI to your script
  23. Creating standalone executables out of your python programs
  24. Conclusion


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Hope this free course will help you to develop your career as well as yourself. Check out other Free Udemy Course  and Let me know your opinion and share it with your friends. In future, i will provide review on more courses available out there. Stay connected with this blog and stay updated.

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