Free Udemy Course | Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch


Free Udemy Course | Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch

This Free Udemy Course on HTML5 Programming, you will learn to create full fledged HTML5 websites. Also you will have through understanding of the HTML and CSS. You will will be able to use feature like Drag and Drop, Geolocation and web storage to create immersible user experience. And finally you will be able to create web applications for mobile phones as well.

Course Outlines:

  1. Introduction
  2. Starting HTML5 Programming
  3. HTML Basics
  4. Creating a HTML Webpage
  5. HTML Tables and Lists
  6. HTML Forms and Input
  7. Introduction to CSS
  8. Making Web pages
  9. CSS
  10. Putting up a website
  11. Introduction HTML5
  12. New Tags and Elements
  13. New Form Elements
  14. HTML5 Graphics
  15. HTML5 Feature Detection and Drag and Drop
  16. HTML5 Multimedia
  17. SVG in HTML5
  18. Geolocation
  19. Web storage
  20. HTML5 – Application Cache
  21. HTML5 for Mobile Phones
  22. Project Introduction
  23. Bootstrap Framework Setup
  24. Adding Tasks to Local Storage
  25. Displaying Tasks from Local Storage
  26. Editing & Updating Tasks from Local Storage
  27. Delete & Clear Tasks from Local Storage
  28. Project Summary
  29. Conclusion


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Hope this free course will help you to develop your career as well as yourself. Also Checkout other Free Udemy Course and Let me know your opinion and share it with your friends. In future, i will provide review on more courses available out there. Stay connected with this blog and stay updated.

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