Free Udemy Course | Complete Bootstrap 4 Course – build 3 projects


Free Udemy Course | Complete Bootstrap 4 course – build 3 projects

This Free Udemy Course on Bootstrap 4 is a complete course for beginners. After completion of this Bootstrap 4 course, you will be master bootstrap 4 basics with 3 projects. You will have a full understanding of bootstrap 4 code and you will be able to read the documentation on your own. You will design responsive web pages in bootstrap 4 in this course.

Course Outlines:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tools you need
  3. Bootstrap Install
  4. Basics of text tags
  5. More on texts
  6. Handling Images
  7. Project – Watch landing page
  8. Container and fluid containers
  9. Media breakpoints
  10. 12 column grid basics
  11. Variable width content grid
  12. Changing layouts on different screens
  13. Flexbox align items
  14. Flexbox justify contents
  15. Flex Properties and nesting grids
  16. Project – 2 Code is awesome
  17. Colours
  18. Buttons
  19. Jumbotron
  20. Navbar and nav colours
  21. Complete custom navbar
  22. Carousel
  23. Cards basic
  24. A Finished card based landscape
  25. Project – Modal Login
  26. Project – Triggering Modal
  27. Project – Login Modal Finished
  28. Conclusion


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